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A Happy Happy Cuban Story

By: Lurker


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A Happy Happy Cuban Story

Eduardo was a Cuban boy, 8 years old. He was so very happy that he was born in Cuba and not in Florida. In Florida young boys were shot at on the way to school, which never happened in Cuba.

His mother was a doctor and his father was an engineer. Together they earned about $50 a month. In Florida, he knew that $50 wasn't enough to even buy food. In Florida, his family would be poor. Maybe they would have to sleep under a bridge, like all the other poor people. Only the rich people had medicine or could go to school.

Eduardo was white but many of his friends were black. In Florida the white people hated the black people, and he would not be allowed to have any black friends.
Thanks to Fidel, the father of all the Cuban people, Eduardo knew how to read. His life would have been very bad without Fidel.

He was very happy to be a Cuban boy. He knew that when he grew up, he would be a happy Cuban man.


(PS - Eduardo was later eaten by a shark in the straits of Florida. This does not change the fact that this is a happy story, because he had a very happy childhood-and the shark was also happy!)


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