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Article: True Love Does Not Exist In Cuba

By: Susan

Date: July 20 2014


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True Love Does Not Exist In Cuba


Having read the stories on this website and spoken with women who have been to Cuba I can honesty say that true love does not exist in Cuba at least between Cubans and foreigners.

I was conned into a sham marriage by a Cuban playboy whom I met in Santiago 12 years ago. I am a travel editor on a woman's magazine and you would think I would be worldly wise and not dumb enough to be conned, but conned I was.

I travelled from Havana to Santiago by train, which was the theme of the travel piece. On my first night I met Javier, all charm and smiles.He could speak English, my Spanish is limited. He bombarded me with emails and letters on my return. I had my doubts. I was 48 he 24 friends advised me against the relationship, but I soon found myself pregnant. I was delighted at this as I always wanted to have a child. I decided to marry Javier but that was the worst decision of my life. Friends say it was my 'Bridget Jones' moment.

From day one he never worked, never supported his child. Now I am not sure if he ever worked in Cuba, he told me he was a DJ, but unless you are established here in the UK work is thin on the ground for DJ's. I feel he used his so called profession as an excuse to pick up younger women, like the majority of Cuban men who take over community halls and turn into 'salsa instructors' when they have never done an honest day's work in their life. He was out nightclubbing most nights while I was at home babysitting our daughter.

I suppported Javier for twelve years. He has never had a day job. I know I am naive but I had hoped he would change. He has had it easy here. A home to move into, invitations to parties, because of my work. He would attend parties looking like a pint sized P.Diddy, with more bling than P.Diddy.

I am at the point of divorcing him. I feel I have been used as a means to a visa. The only good thing to emerge from the relationship is our lovely daughter.

I do not think true love exists in Cuba, they are all out to scam con and use women.



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