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Local Taxi Drivers in Cuba

Cuban local taxi

The best way to travel around Cuba; hire a local taxi driver!

Below you will find reviews and info about local taxi drivers in Cuba. Some are guide too.




Reviews Local Taxi's

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May 15 2015
Name: Scott
Your country: USA

Local driver and guide Santa Clara / Central Cuba

Juan is an outstanding driver, guide, and narrator of his home country in both Spanish and English. He has a reliable car, was always early to meet us, and was willing to drive hours cross-country to help us make it from point A to point B -- but on top of that, Juan is a terrific storyteller and has extensive insight about the Cuban economy, society, history, and art, and he is very eager to talk with visitors. He and his wife are extremely well educated and have a long history of interesting careers in Cuba. We will definitely be contacting Juan on our next trip. He can be reached at, or, or +53(01)52710699.

May 29 2013
Name: Gordon
Country: USA

Licensed Driver
We struck gold with Alejandro Risco :)

Ale came highly recommended via a popular B&B in Habana. This driver was not only a great driver but he impacted our trip is so many positive ways, he has a great sense of humor, he taught us all the in's & out's of Cuba! We had an opportunity to drive back into the vilages & explore where most never lay eyes on. That's what we wanted & Alejandro made it happen for us. His car is incredibly comfortable and spacious, it's similar to a BMW here in the states. Alejandro's services saved us from getting lost & probably never finding such unpopulated areas. Highlight of our trip!

Ale offers pick up and drop off as well as make long trips around the Island. Check out Alejandro Risco on Facebook @ or email him at







Name: Martha Costa
Country: United States

Driver/tour guide

After 52 years, I returned to my native Cuba and was very fortunate to come across
our driver/tour guide by the name of Rey who picked us up from the Havana airport.
He is a highly educated, considerate, responsible gentleman. Besides being knowledgeable
about sightseeing and historical sights, he directed us towards lovely "casas
particulares",excellent reasonably priced restaurants and night life. We were mostly
impressed by the fact that he treats tourists fairly with the price of his services.
He made our trip very memorable and gave us the true feel of Cuban life. We recommend
him highly. Rey can be reached by email at cell 2829276
or 2673892. He drives a classic Ford and speaks English. His son also speaks English
and French and assists him with tours.

Name: Celia Nicholls


Just rtn'd from Cuba last month, we were worried about which driver we wanted to utilize while in Cuba, I was compelled to write this review about our driver Alejandro because he truly impacted our trip in so many positive ways. Alejandro practically drove us 4 hours up & down villages, city streets & anywhere we decided to adventure. He was very knowledgable, trustworthy and extremely reliable (like clock work). He's number one priority is your safety and your enjoyment while traveling Cuba. Alejandro has a "Skoda" very nice realiable car that is extremely comfortable for a family of five. He was a great photography and handled out iphone like a pro. He taught us a lot about the in's & out's of Cuba. Alejandro is VERY comical, he was a blast. He played great c.d.'s a! nd he was a true gentlemen.

I would highly recommend Alejandro Risco, check him out on Facebook or email him directly:
Email: @
Facebook Alejandro:
...You will LOVE this guy too :) cant wait to use him again in the fall.

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