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A collection of Cuban travel stories and articles from people who often travel to Cuba and explore the real Cuban life among Cubans. Most of these are true stories, sometimes the names got changed to protect the people.

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General Cuba

Even The Baseball Players Turn Out To Be Hustlers/Jiniteros!
By Claudia

True Love Does Not Exist In Cuba
By Susan

When I Fell For a Cuban
by Veronica


Hustler in Baracoa
By Simone

If You Meet a Charmer By The Name of Dionel - Run The Other Way!
By Bella


A day at the river
by Bridget (XXX related story)

Immigration at Bayamo
by Bridget


Mornings in Cardenas
by Anja


The Donkey Eaters
by Lurker

Pickpockets and other Rogues
by Lurker

The Literacy Brigade Part One
by Lurker

Christmas and New Year 2003
by Rick

Troubles Traveling in Cuba
by Rick


An Average Night's Stroll Down Prado and Obispo
by Lurker

The Days of Awe in Havana and Santiago
by Lurker

The Dog on the Bus
by Lurker

A Day at Guanabo Beach
by Lurker

How to catch shit in a Cuban woman's kitchen
by Rainbow

The Hooker and the Cabbie
by Rainbow

Gossiping Old Ladies in Cuba
b By Rainbow

My Favorite Street Character in Havana
by Rainbow

The Most Beautiful Girl In Havana
by Rainbow

The Great Macaroni Fiasco
by Rainbow

Dancing with the Devil…..Cuban Style
by Rainbow

Six Feet in height... she was...
by Rainbow

The Human Firehose From Montreal
by Rainbow

How To Make a Woman Squeel
by Rainbow

New Years Eve Habana 2001 / 2002
by Anja

The Night of a Thousand Screams
by Bridget

A Day at the Beach
by Bridget

by Rainbow

My Brush With the Cuban Medical System
by Rainbow

Havana 1929
by Rainbow

Havin' a Havana Night
by the Flan

Busting out in Cuba
by Rainbow



A Happy, Happy Cuban Story
by Lurker

I don’t practice Santeria …
by Pat ón

La India
by Paton


How Cuba Changed Me
by Janet

Pinar del Rio

The Road to Pinar del Rio
by Maureen Barry

Santa Clara

Santa Clara
by Steve Tiveron

Santiago de Cuba

My First Jinetero
by Lurker

The Military Police
by Lurker

La Virgin de la Caridad
by Lurker


Hurricane Dennis
by Brenda









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