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About Cuba Junky

The goal of Cuba-Junky is to make many more Cuba-Junky's. Help travelers to get the most out of their visit/vacation to Cuba and come home with the best memories ever.

But ... How did it all started?

The website Cuba-Junky started by passion, love for Cuba and in specific its people, in August 2002.

Cuba Junky = Addicted to Cuba

I, Anja Verlaan, founder and owner of Cuba Junky stepped first time out of the plane in Cuba in 1999, felt in love with the country at the same time ... was addicted to Cuba within a second, home. Because of curiousity and passion Cuba-Junky collected many information from the web to understand this fantastic country ... started to study. By first put all this information in Words files and started a free webpage at VirtualTourist in 2000.

This collecting of information about Cuba became huge, to much to handle and Cuba-Junky searched for the best option to build a kind of library to share with others ... the website was born www.Cuba-Junky.com.

Many people helped us making this website. First of all www.cubanonet.com which no longer excists, helped us with the knowledge of technical stuff on HOW to make this website appear on the web, and besides the personal knowledge of what I already collected. Cubanonet had contacts with students of Thinkquest who finished a study project about Cuba. Students of Thinkquest also had a discussionboard which was likely to disappear after the project was finished, but because of the great success and out of respect, Cubanonet took over the discussion board to keep it up and alive. Some history articles the students wrote, which also used to be at the former Cubanonet.com, you still can find at this website. After Cubanonet closed the website they asked me to take over their information.

Also many other people, friends of Cuba-Junky, offered their info, technical support and/or stories to add to this website. These friends helped Cuba-Junky to become the biggest informative Cuba site on the web. Also to them: Thanks a lot!

Still today we daily are improving and updating the Cuba-Junky website and the Cuba Casa Directory app and travel several times per year to Cuba.

Enjoy the website and if you have any questions ... contact Cuba-Junky!



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