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Havana Restaurants & Paladar

Paladares are the independent, state sanctioned, family run restaurants of Cuba. Since the beginning of the Cuban government's quest to open up their country to democratic economic reforms, paladares were one of the first and only enterprises to fall under these reforms.
It is these paladares that tourists seek out over other state and hotel run restaurants. The food is authentic, wholesome and inexpensive.
On our restaurant pages you will find information on a mixture of paladares, state run restaurants and hotel restaurants

Havana restaurants in alphabetical order

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Restaurants in Havana per district

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The Authentic Cuban Pizza Experience

Hector's Pizza ... a must do!

Hectors Pizza Havana Downtown Centro Havana you will find the ultimate Cuban Pizza. Made on a rooftop by Hector.

Easy does it:
When nobody is at the street just shout HECTOR! and he will show up, tell him what you want, a large or small pizza, wait a few minutes and your pizza will come down in a basket.
You will pay about 7 CUP Cuban pesos (about 30 euro cents) for a small pizza about 30 cm.
Put the money in the basket and off you go!
Bon apetito :)

Hector's "Pizzaria" is located at Calzada Infanta / San Rafael. Just around the corner of El Rapido

Hector's Pizzas



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