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Havana Transportation

Broken car Havana Malecon To move yourself around Havana is easy, there are several options to do so. You do not need a rental car in Havana. Busses, legal and illegal taxis, horse drawn carriages, bicitaxi, or the cute yellow cocotaxi ... name it. They are all waiting for you to drive you around Cuba's capital Havana



Havana Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Tour around Havana

Havana Bus TourSounds very touristic and it is :)
But really worth the ride! You can hop on and hop off and see all Havana in a few hours. Great for your orientation about Cuba's capital Havana

More than 60 stops and three interesting routes from the extreme east and west of the capital to converge at the historic Plaza de la Revolución José Martí, and in Parque Central. 

Price for the hop on hop off bus tour is from 10 CUC (convertible pesos) per day per person

More info: Havana Bus Tour


Coco Taxi

A cheap touristical way to go from one point to the other in Havana. Yellow ones are for tourists, black (with yellow) are for Cuban locals

Cubataxi HavanaCuba Taxi

Since winter 2008 all taxi companies work under one name: Cubataxi
Be aware that when the taxi has no meter make a price before you get in the taxi. If they have a meter, at daytime the meter code is "1" at night time "4" these numbers calculate a different price per km
To make it complex, some still work under their old names: Panatax is the cheapest ... The most expensive taxis are Turistaxi, Transgaviota and Taxi OK. They are white with red signs and yellow with black signs at the side

Taxi Grancar CubaGrancar

Old Chevrolets licensed to transport tourists. You recognize the Grancar name at the side of the taxi. Expensive the price is about 30 cuc per hour!

You find these taxi's in the touristic areas of Havana city and in front of the more expensive hotels like Hotel Nacional

Horse drawn carriage Havana ViejaHorse drawn carriages

In Habana vieja you can hop on such a touristical exclusive horse drawn carriage. Romantic way to see the city but expensive. They charge about 30 cuc per tour from an hour or so.
You find lots of them in front of Hotel Inglaterra

Bicitaxi HavanaBici Taxi

The cheapest way to go around Habana ... 1 cuc
Officially not allowed to cary tourists but they do.
You have a chance to kicked off the taxi and walk for a few minutes if the police is close by. But around the corner you can hop on again and continue the ride.

Taxi ColectivoLocal Taxi Colectivos - Havana

The old cars like Chevrolets from the '50 recognizable by their taxi signs at the front window. They ride a one way route, people stand along that route and hop in and out. The Almendrones (slang for old car) start their route at Parque Central at the corner of Prado and Neptuno.
Since Feb 2011 this taxi is also allowed to take foreigners.

More info: Taxi Colectivo Havana

Lada Taxi Havana CubaCuba Taxi - Yellow Lada

The yellow with black Lada Taxi'ss, will cost you about 0,40 cuc a km. Great to deal with for longer distances ... These drivers are not alowed to pick up tourist at hotels. You will find them all over Havana.


Bus VinalesJust "the bus"

Gua Gua, slang for public transportation by bus in Havana, for the real Cuban experience you most try at least once, take care of your belongings pickpockers are common here ...

M-1 Alamar - Vedado via Fraternidad
M-2 Fraternidad - Santiago de las Vegas
M-3 Alamar - Ciudad Deprotiva
M-4 Fraternidad - San Agustin via Mianao
M-5 Vedado - San Agustin
M-6 Calvario - Vedado
M-7 Parque de la Fraternidad - Alberro via Cotorro

Scooter Rental in Havana

You can rent new scooters in Havana for about $24/150 a day/week. To
get the best machines, rent from new outlets at Dos Gardenias
or in front of Viazul bus station on Avenida 26.


Biking around Cuba Where to rent a bicycle in Havana?

Edificio Metropolitano,
San Juan de Dios esg. Aguacate,
Habana Vieja
Tel: 53- 7 - 860 8532

Costs about 12 cuc a day

Viazul Bus

Most easy to drive around Cuba is the Viazul Bus. A hyper modern airconditioned bus with video and toilet. For a good price you can travel between all the big cities of Cuba p.a. a ride from Havana to Varadero will cost you $10 One suggestion is to bring a sweater because it can be a bit chilly inhere

Viazul Bus Station Havana:
26th Ave. y Zoológico
Nuevo Vedado
Havana, Cuba
Tel: +53 7 811413, 815652 / 811108
Fax: +53 7 66 6092

Viazul Bus

Astro Bus

Astrobus CubaThe regular National public transportation Cubans will pay with pesos, foreigners with CUC (convertible pesos)This bus drives all over the island, cheaper than the Viazul Bus but less seats for foreigners

Adress Astro Havana:
Av de la Indepencia y Calle 19 de Mayo Havana

Unfortunately we do not have time tables from the Astro bus



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