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Restaurants & Paladars

Pinar del Rio city and province

Hotel La Moka Pinar del Rio Below a list of the restaurants in the province of Pinar del Rio.
For restaurants in Vinales please check out our Vinales Restaurants page.

Pinar del Rio restaurants

Paladar de Abraham

Paladar de Abraham
Calle Principal
Pueblo de Pajarito

Pinar del Rio

Canalcubano: At this house they cook occasionally. If you go with enough time you order the meal, which will always be tasty. They can cook good crabs. This tiny and lost village has a beach of a pure cuban taste.

Restaurant La Casona

La Casona
Calle Martí esquina a Colón
Pinar del Rio
Tel: +53 48 82778263

Canalcubano: In the most commercial zone of Pinar del Río, this restaurant of colourful frontage presents a simple and light offer. It belongs to the Rumbos company.

Frommers: This is certainly the most atmospheric place to eat in Pinar del Río. About eight heavy wooden tables with bench seating fill up the main dining room in this old colonial building. High ceilings, modern sculpted wall hangings, and long French doors that open on to the street give this place its character. The food is mediocre and simple. Avoid the pastas and stick to the roasted chicken or sandwiches. In the evenings, they open up a little patio beer garden, with live music and an informal feel.

Restaurant Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa
Hotel Cayo Levisa
Pinar del Río
Tel: +53 48 82662161

Canalcubano: There are different reasons why you should go to this restaurant, which is actually part of the delicious hotel of an island, situated on Pinar del Rio’s north coast: the level of its food, criollo and marine, is more than just acceptable; the place is original and quiet, it’s beach, without exaggeration, a real paradise. Unfortunately, or maybe not, its tables are almost exclusively occupied by the guests of the hotel. Probably the majority doesn’t know that they can have lunch and dinner there without staying overnight, just by taking a little boat that sets them over.

Restaurant Donaneli


Gerardo Medina #261
Pinar del Río


Restaurant Doce Plantas

Doce Plantas
Cocina internacional

Maceo y Ferro
Pinar del Río


Paladar Enrique Gonzalez

Paladar Enrique González
Aguilera s/n entre Calvario y Reloj
Ave. 21 #3238
Bahía Honda

Pinar del Rio

Canalcubano: At this simple house, Enrique, a football supporter, offers an acceptable cuban food. Good atmosphere and liking.

Pinar del Rio restaurants

Paladar El Meson

Paladar El Meson
Calle Martí
entre C. Pinares y Pacheco
Pinar del Río
Tel: +53 48 822867

Canalcubano: It usually gets full this paladar which is, undoubtly, the best of Pinar del Río. It offers a menu based on the criolla cuisine. Very good service. Located in the entrance of the town coming from La Habana.

Paladar Nuestra Casa

Paladar Nuestra Casa
Colon Sur #161
E/ Ceferino Fernandez y Primero de Enero

Pinar del Rio


Restaurant Pinar del Rio

Pinar del Río
Cocina criolla y internacional

Hotel Pinar del Río
Pinar del Río


Paladar Rodrigo

Paladar Rodrigo
Colon Norte #167
E/ Mariana Grajales y Emilio Nunez

Pinar del Rio


Restaurant Rumayor

Cocina criolla

Carretera Viñales km. 1
Pinar del Río.
Tel: +53 48 8263007

Canalcubano: Well-known in all this region, this restaurant serves good meat and fish dishes. It protrudes the smoked "Lomo".Is, without doubt the best address for eating in Pinar del Rio city.

Frommers: This is probably the best dining option in Pinar del Río. Run by the Islazul chain, it's both a restaurant and nightly cabaret. The specialty here is slow-smoked chicken, and it's excellent. There are also several fish and meat dishes. Of these, the chirna frita, a fried fish in a garlic sauce, is good. The main dining room is indoors in a dark room decorated with Afro-Cuban motifs. Service is quick and attentive, a relative rarity in Cuba.

Restaurant La Taberna

La Taberna
Cocina española

González Coro #101
Pinar del Río


Paladar El Marino

El Marino
Marti / Isabel Rubio

Pinar del Rio












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