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A Day at the Beach

By Bridget

Into the beautiful warmth of a Habana morning, I stand on the Malecon and soak up the view. The lighthouse is to my right, the high rises of downtown to my left and straight ahead the ocean. We hail and cab and head over to Al & Lupe's. The city streets are bustling. It is Monday morning at 10 and the traffic is heavy. People crowd the sidewalks and i see lines forming and businesses opening, a beehive of activity. The streets get narrower as we approach the apt building.

It seems there is always some kind of obstacle in our path, but of no concern to the driver, he finds a way. Lupe is calling us from the second floor balcony. I go up while Nani speaks to the driver. I have found it amazing how taxis will wait for you in Cuba. After a moment (about 45 minutes) Al & Lupe & I walk down the flight of narrow twisting stairs. The trunk is open and we put in all our gear. We haven't forgotten the boombox!

I have never taken a taxi to the beach before, but we are on our way. We travel east out of the city. We go under a tunnel and i think I was told we were under the sea. We get on a highway and go through what appears to be a toll booth. But you dont pay a toll. You just drive through! it wasnt long before the city disappeared and the ocean once again was on our left. Al's English is pretty good and he has all of us in stiches. He is very animated and makes the funniest expressions. We pass by hotels and I am told we are almost there. We turn left then right and I see a consession stand. Out of the taxi, grab our stuff and our feet are in the sand. Wow that feels great! we walk up a small dune and down towards the water. We are given lounge chairs and an umbrella from a man working the beach (I guess?). The beach has the softest sand and the color of the water is magical. Moving from sparkling shades of green to blue. I cant stop smiling but then it hits me - litter -all over the beach. Well ok not all over but you can see piles of bottles of cans and other debris. I cant help but think of how the deposit law has eliminated so much trash from our streets.

We set up our little spot in paradise. Al tunes the radio to a Miami station and i head straight into the water. Awww so refreshing so so tingly. I feel so alive. The water washes around me, the sun shines on my face, the faces of my friends are smiling at me. This is as good as it gets.

As I walk out of the water I see Nani and al playing with my camera. Never give your camera to a Cuban! They will take pictures of everything and everyone. To make my camera even more interesting it has a really neat attachable telephoto lens. The photography session began. I go into sports illustrated swimsuit poses and Lupe immediately joins me as she whips off her top. Lupe is a large woman, no not fat but tall and full figured. Her breasts are voluptuous. Although my waist is narrow and she has a belly, i feel inferior next to her and I am glad I am wearing a one piece suit. My baby B titties are staying inside my suit. Or so I think! while Nani and I are laying on a lounge chair together, he is on his back and I am on top on him, my back pressed against his chest. He starts to play with my nipples. Utoh there I go again. Anyway it isn't long before al has the camera in his hands and he is shooting away which encourages Nani. The top of my suit has been pushed to my waist and Nani's thumbs and forefingers are stretching my boobs to new heights. Al & Lupe both compliment me on my figure. Sexual play in Cuba is so relaxed and natural.

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