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A Day at the River

By Bridget

I am asked if I want to go to the river. Guess what my answer was? It was about 34'c and very high humidity. A few friends have already gathered at the house so Ii quickly change into my swimsuit. It is a one piece with the look of a 2 piece. A thin black mesh from the bottom of my breasts to my bikini line highlights the soft definition of my waist and belly. The top and bottom have a giraffe skin pattern (which by the way is my favorite animal).

I add a short mess wrap around. Although it is black, it is translucent. I am ready to go. Out to the back of the house I bounce when all eyes turned and stared. Conversation ceased as the men examined my body. It only took seconds for Nani to steer me back into the bedroom to request I put on a pair of shorts. I comply.
The horse and buggy arrive and we are off with a bag of mangos, two 2liter bottles of rum and something to smoke. 3 couples and 2 single guys. The 8 of us head out of the city. The bottle is open and being passed. I barely let the rum touch my lips. About 25-30 minutes later we are there. But this is a spot I have never been to before. There is a dam that stops the flow of the river and forces it back against itself creating a type of whirlpool. I see 3 boys (noone else) hanging onto a thigk rope that is tied to the bridge it prevents them from being sucked under or pushed against the dam. Concrete slabs lie in a haphazard fashion along the river. The water is not deep but the bank is steep and difficult to navigate down the side to reach the water. The driver unleashes his horse and jumps on for a bareback ride. he speeds off quickly and returns just as fast. "Come on" he calls to me. A moment later the 2 of us are galloping along the riverbank. What a thrill it was. The driver is so strong. He is not a bodybuilder but his body is built. My arms are wrapped tightly around his waist and my pounding heart pressed hard against his back as my hair flys behind my head.

Everyone is gleaming from the sweat oozing from every pore of our bodies. By the time I get off the horse several friends are already in the water. I make my way down the steep river bank and hit the water. Ahhh so refreshing. The 8 of us stand in a circle passing the rum and laughing at everything. We all feel so good to be in the cool water. The driver is the first to start diving into the whirlpool and swims strongly against the current. Nani climbs up to the bridge as we all cry out for him to stop. He teases us threatening to dive in. The water is too shallow and swift for him to attempt such a feat. He concedes and begins to climb down but slips grabbing the rope. the driver rushes over to grab the end of the rope to help guide Nani to safety. We call out with encouragement as nani struggles with the rope against the whirlpool. After several scary moments Nani is returned to our group. Laying on the concrete slabs we laugh until our sides hurt. Enough rum has been drunk to make eveyone a little daring and one by one we jump into the whirlpool and swim against it to the shore. We lie in the sun, drinking and laughing as we are warmed only to return to the water. The couples gravitate towards each other, hugging and kissing. Nani's body is pressed against mine. His mouth smothering me with kisses. I can feel his erection, his strong muscles. I look into his deep brown eyes as his fingers move between my legs pushing the crotch of my swimsuit away. I am oblivious to what is happening around me as Nani's pinga finds me. He grabs my ass and the pleasure begins. I feel so hot yet so cool. We move together and the ecstacy of orgasm begins. I want to collapse but Nani holds me upright. I feel a hand on my leg and it is not Nani's! Looking to my left I see another couple making love and the man is rubbing my thigh. I smile at them and notice the 3rd couple is also locked in embrace. The 2 single guys watch from the coach. my head is spinning.

We slowly drag ourselves out of the water and begin to climb the steep river bank. I go the wrong way and slip, my body sliding down the muddy bank. Back into the water to wash off and out the safer way. There are cuts and scratches bleeding and my arms, shoulders and legs display bruises where Nani has bitten me. Oh yes and now I have a big hicky on my neck! I am helped into the coache with 5 others. The driver and a friend are up top. The shade of the coache's covering feels good but flies are landing all over my dripping blood. Get me out of here! off we go headed towards the city with lots of singing and laughing and drinking. Everyone is hungry, so we head to the area where the vendors are near the train station. We stop and I am quickly handed hot fried dough which is gobbled up in seconds. Next the sandwiches appear (dont know what kind). Back into the coache to begin the drop offs when suddenly the horse throws a shoe and and turns swiftly to the left. The coache begins to tip, slowly, slow, slowly the left side of the coache approaches the ground then crash, we have tipped over! the horse is lying on its side and superman is under him. We crawl over each other and out of the coache. The men try to get the horse to stand up but it doesnt want to. Finally several guys lift the horse to free superman. Just a twisted knee, no problem. Now we are joined by all the neighbors as the men once again try to get the horse to stand up which it does. What a day!


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