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Busting out in Cuba

By Rainbow

Part 1 Acquisition of the goods:

Ask any woman about the cost of a good bra and she will immediately start to roll her eyes at the thought. I found out years ago that the two things Cuban women like to receive the most (other than cash) is a good pair of walking shoes and a good bra. Not one of those "Made in China" size A and B onlys that you see in the Cuban stores but a real heavy duty, DD holdin, hooter holsters.

Somebody forgot to tell Fidel that these women of African decent GOT BOODY and BOOBS!!! (and some of the Dutch chicks also). Each day I work in different houses for different housewives and for me, it is just a great opportunity to rescue a couple of pair of these engineering marvels long forgotten in the back of some lingerie drawer.

Most of my customers know my addiction to Cuba and they ask what is needed most. I start with the suggestions of eyeglasses and medicines but soon switch into a line something like this, " Many of those poor women don't even own a bra because the choice is a bra or food for their families that month.". At this point, I just shut up (hard for me) and start doing my job in the house. Within about 2 or three hours, I'm collecting a nice big cheque and just as I'm going out the door, the housewife hands me a bag and asks me to give them out to the women in Cuba.

More often than not, there is about half a dozen beautiful like new Cross Your Heart bucket bras that are strong enough to tow a car. Pink ones, Black ones, Tiger Striped ones, Nursing bras, lacy bras, sports bras, and even a few peek-a- boob ones (I will let you imaginations work on that). I had one woman give me over 12 one day because she did not fit them anymore. I thought she looked a little more "perky" from the last time I saw her and had had some "augmentation" done.

I got to tell you I have had more than a few funny looks from Mrs. Rainbow when she has seen the contents of the bags I bring home a couple of times a week. I just reminder her that it is for a good cause and that 25 years ago I talked a nun out of her knickers, separating a housewife from her bras is a piece of cake for me!!!!!!!!

Next installment for you guys if you want will be the Great Havana Bust Out

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