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How To Make a Woman Squeel

by Rainbow

I have a lot of great customers and friends here and one in particular is very wealthy with her own line of food products. She LOVES to go shopping for clothing and to spend $1000 in an afternoon is just pocket change to her. She had met Mr. Right and is moving to the United States in a couple of months. She called me a couple of weeks ago about some donations she had for Cuba and her final instructions were "You had better bring the van". I have learned that with her...anything is possible.

My son and I arrived to find 7 garbage bags of clothing, a whole box of makeup and another bag of medicines waiting. I thanks her for the stuff and went to leave when she asked me to come back the next week for some more. This was only ONE closet worth!!! When we got home and started sorting, Mrs. Rainbow had a fit. Unworn and brand new Roots, Gap, Northern Experiance, Nike, Calvin Klein etc ...There was not an off brand in the bags. I was half tempted to stash some of it away and give it to Mrs. Rainbow for Christmas (being the cheap bastard I am). There was also a bag full of stuff that would make Victoria Secret and Fredricks of Hollywood blush.

Off to Havana I go and as usual I have a "Canada Night" when I cook a Canadian style meal for my Cuban friends. Just after dinner I call the girls into the bedroom and empty a shopping bag of these beautiful Hooter Holsters onto the bed. The girls went NUTS!!!!!!!!! The guys just stood in the doorway with big grins on their faces. Hell it was Valentines Day after all. I quickly explained to the girls that the stuff was for free as long as I got to fit and adjust the straps and cups. I'm not sure how you say "stick it up your ass" in Spanish but I am pretty sure I heard it from Janet as she howeled in laughter and delight. The guys and me just closed the door and headed back to the rum on the table. The girls spent the better part of an hour trying different things on but no amount of begging could get them to model them in front of all the guys. Eventually they came out but they only had one set each. They did not understand that they were to split up and take the entire amount. When that was explained, they raced back into the bedroom to chose some more. At the nights end, I don't know who was grinning more, The guys with a belly full of rum and thoughts of love on their minds or the girls with bags of bras and panties.

Inspite of not being able to demonstrate my abilities with fitting womens under clothing, I had a blast. Besides, I have always been better getting them off than putting them on. I even managed to get one nun out of her habit ... and then married her.

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