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Immigration at Bayamo

By Bridget

A story about staying with Cuban friends and concequences....

Many of you will recall during my visit inApril I was forced to deal with immigration after being reported. We were scolded and forced to sign a statement declaring we understood and would follow the immigration rules. I was not to stay in Nani's house without permission. When I arrived in June,it was Sunday.

It was a top priority in my mind to get the proper paperwork completed, so bright and early Monday morning I reported to immigration with Nani's father. After a few minutes of waiting we we escorted to an office. It was without light and a lightbulb had to be located. Upon opening the desk drawer, the officer discovered it was empty, no pens, paper, etc. He leaves and returns with the necessary supplies, a scrap of paper and a pencil. He examines my passport and visa; writes something down; examines Carlo's id; writes something down and then tells us we can go but we should return on Wednesday when he will have the correct forms and other paperwork that needs to be completed.

Wednesday was unexpectently declared a holiday. We returned in the afternnon on friday. The main entrance was locked so Carlo took me to a backdoor. There were many officers talking in different groups and seemed very suprised to see us. Carlo told them why we were there. Sorry, office closes early on Friday, comeback next week. On Monday I went to the Sierra Maestra Hotel to use the pool and returned home with a huge shiner and 5 stitches across my left brow. On tuesday, Nani's mother said I couldnt go to immigration in such bad shape. I must wait until my eye is better. On Thursday I am getting very concerned about reporting to immigration. Time is slipping away. Carlo didnt return home until after 6pm. Too late the office is closed. Now there is only Friday left for me to make my return visit to the immigration office in Bayamo. When Nani and I are out that evening I am nagging him. "Dont forget to tell your father when we get home that we must go tomorrow morning,. I dont want any trouble for your family". Remember were we given a written warning last time....blah blah blah" when we get home and Nani wakes up his father to talk about it, his father says forget it - i'll tell them I was working in Habana! I never did make it back to the immigration office to get a license to stay in a private home.

















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