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Six Feet in Height ... she was ...

By Rainbow

Ulysses is 6ft, 4 inches and usually is attracted to very tall women. I could see a very attractive woman behind him so I gave him an elbow in the ribs and told him to check his "6". He backed up a step to get a better look and his eyes grew real wide. 'You SOB!!!!" he snarled at me. The girl behind him was almost ebony, about 6 ft in height, loooong legs, beautifully styled hair and a very prominate Adams Apple. My jaw just about hit the ground. No wonder the hair on my neck was standing up on end. We were in a room with God knows how many transvestites.!!!!! I couldn't tell the guys from the girls and vice versa. Gotta tell you honestly ... some of those guys-girls looked real good but without a real close PHYSICAL exam…you couldn't tell which was which. We grabbed our cokes and headed out of there real fast.

We headed across the street to the sea wall and realized that most of the guys in the crowd were gay. We found a guy who could translate for us to explain to some of the "boys" that we were not interested in a "gay time", just wanted to listen to the music. The more aggressive ones of the group who had gathered real close to us backed off immediately and gave us space. We spent about the next 2 hours listening to great music and answering questions about hour country and homes. The only comment out of Ulysses was "If you ever tell any of my buddies that I spent 2 hours with 100 homosexuals .... I'll deny it and them kill you!' I know he was kidding (I hope) cause he will probably see this.

Semper Fi Ulysses

Six Feet in Height ... she was ...

My buddy Ulysses and I walked down to the Malecon about 2:30 am one night to listen to several groups of musicians I had seen from the cab. A fairly large crowd of young Cubans had gathered there. Before crossing the road we decided to get a couple of cokes from a cafeteria which was also crowded with young Cubans. As soon as we entered the cafeteria my "spidey sense" went off like an alarm clock but I could not figure out what was wrong. Ulysses also felt it and because of his military training turned his back to mine. Something was not right here but I will be damned if I could figure out what it was.

















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