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The Night of a Thousand Screams

By Bridget


Nani is a beautiful man. Tall by Cuban standards (almost 6ft). He is desendent from the Tainos, with large dark brown eyes and pouty lips that are naturally outined. He is well built, muscular like most Cuban men, but more weigth on him (I would guess about 190#). His hair is black, long (to the center of his back) and straight. He has many tatoos, all of a demonic nature... you know what I mean - skulls, vampires, monsters, etc. Nani is an almost perfect specimen. His flaw - his teeth.


When I first met him his premolars were already gone and his inscissors were beginning to show signs of decay.I told him how necessary it is to preserve his teeth, which he really didnt seem to think was important. But on my next trip I discovered he did have his teeth fixed. the teeth had been crowned with porcelain! now he truly was perfect.

When I returned this March, I brought a book with me as i always do, "Violets are Blue" by James Batterson. On my last trip I read "Roses are Red", leaving it for my friend, Julio, who is fluent in English. So I thought I would bring the sequel and we could both enjoy it. Ok - I know you are wondering - come on come on where is the screaming???? - be patient, i'm getting to it. Violets are blue turned out to be a mystery/suspense story about vampire murders. Of course as I was reading everyone was asking about the book, which generated a lot of discussion about vampires and "the dark side". Nani and his friends enjoy heavy metal; Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Mason, Obituary, Pantera, Soulfly. At least they also appreciated Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, and Melissa Ethridge (which were my choice when asked).I find myself in an enviroment never experienced in Cuba before. But how do I describe it? with Nani's teeth!!!! When I see his smile I notice immediately. His crowns are now metal! silver, I think. yikes!!

The Night of a Thousand Screams begins in a typical fashion. After a day of running around Habana, sightseeing and visiting friends, we shower and meet up with friends for the evening. We begin at an outdoor place - I dont know what they are called. We are with another couple and it feels like a typical american double date. The guys buy us flowers and the laughter, hugs and kisses never stops. We try to get a cab, but no luck so we jump on one of the strange long buses. We have beers in our hands, no problem. After a short ride we get off and walk a few blocks to a disco (sorry I dont remember the name). There is a line to get in but our friend is "connected" so we get right in with out paying the cover. We danced for hours and after went to some chicken place .The chicken was good once I got all that awful breading off, that even the dogs wouldnt eat. We say goodnight to our friends and hop in a cab, back to the casa.

Making out like crazy in the back seat of the cab, my novio puts my hand on his cock. Iit is rock hard and throbbing. He immediately pulls it out and pushes my head between his legs. Just as my lips part we pull up to the casa. Fumbling with our clothes and keys we get into the building. Now that awful elevator, but I concentrate on more pleasant activities. I never did find my panties.
Once in the room, the screaming begins. Nani has stripped off my clothes and his. He pushes me away from him and looks at me. I am sweating and my skin glistens, my hair is in total disarray, my pubic hair shaved. He is circling me. once behind me he approached me and presses his body against me. His hands begin at the nape of my neck and move into my hair. He holds tighter and tighter. My heart is racing and I feel the moisture between my legs increasing. He presses his mouth against the back of my shoulders, first his lips, then tongue and then the TEETH. The pain shoots through me but he soothes me as I begin to scream. He starts to talk. "sex for me sex for me sex for me" his lips are pursed out and I can see the teeth as he turns my body to face him. How can pain feel so good? How can pleasure feel so bad? He never closes his eyes. every kiss becomes a bite. Every second becomes more charged than the next.
When I wake up, my body is covered with bruises, which got progressively darker as the days passed. I cant tell you how many people asked me what had happened to me. when we returned to Bayamo, Nani's mother also wanted an explanation.

















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