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Casas Particulares in Cuba

Casa Particular Since 1997 the Cuban government allows residents to rent rooms in their houses to tourists, they are called Casas Particulares. The owners of the Casas help to promote their casas by distributing business cards, and by advertising on websites such as www.Cuba-Junky.com. You often will get their cards while traveling around Cuba.

Cubans with a special license can rent rooms in their homes or whole apartments to foreigners. You can recognize them from the street by the blue signs, legal Casas must post this sign on their front doors. The signs will read: 'Arrendador Divisa.

Where do I find these casas particulares?

All around Cuba there where the tourist goes ...
The Cuban government keep you on the touristical path because in real small towns Cubans won't get a lisencee to start one ... yet

Check them out below:

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Havana Province

- Havana city (overview of city areas)


Matanzas Province

Pinar del Rio Province

Cienfuegos Province

Sancti Spiritus Province

Villa Clara Province

Camaguey Province

Las Tunas Province

Ciego de Avila Province

Santiago de Cuba Province

Holguin Province

Granma Province

Guantanamo Province







What does a casa cost per night?

Casa Particular sign Arrendor Devisa

Average prices of casas particulares in USD per room lodging only depends on the location, amenities, season and popularity of the casa. You can count on a rate between 20 and 40 USD per room per night. Breakfast should be around 5 USD pp and dinner around 10 USD

Remember, its all about value, the better the casa the more you will pay of course. Could be the casa has a shared bathroom with others, or a private bathroom. Just 1 room or a whole private apartment with living room and kitchen. A better area of the city or a very nice view ... All depends ...

How do I make a reservation for a casa?

Through the Cuba-Junky website directly at the casa

- Private company website

- Email address
- Facebook page of the casa
- GPS coordinates
- Map with locations of the casas

... and all other info Cuba-Junky has about every casa particular

Cuba-Junky does not want and does not get any commission from any Cuban. Cubans have a hard life enough.


Be your own boss and "Go with the flow"
Our advice is, make a reservation for the first night and once in Cuba go with the flow email or call a casa directly from our Casa Particular Directory app for Android or iPhone.


And when the casa has no email?
Not all casas have email, in this case you can contact them by phone. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish, casa owners are used to talk to people all over the world, you'll manage :)
When a casa gets an email address we will add it to the app and the app will automatically update on your phone after you open it.


One more thing

... about reservations in general ...
Casa owners really want to have their rooms full everyday if possible of course. It sometimes happen when you enter the casa you reserved, it seems occupied by other people who showed up earlier that day or wanted to stay some extra nights ....
I agree, it is not a proffesional way to do business but please do not blame the casa owner, but understand such things happen because:
1. The casa owner have to pay a huge monthly tax to rent out rooms, some 300 cuc per month, they have to pay this tax even if they have guests or not!
2. Many tourists make a reservation but do not show up when they did not pay in advance

When such a thing happens the casa owner will ALWAYS have an alternative for you which has at least the same conditions you are looking for and sometimes even better. Don't worry you will get a great place to stay.
Be smart and call 2 days before or the same day early in the morning to confirm your stay.








Gay friendly casa particular

Cuba Junky Gay Freindly casas

Cuba-Junky has gay friendly casas listed on the website. These casas are mostly owned by gays, male or female. It doesn't matter if you are gay or not, everybody is welcome in these casas. In the description of the casas you can read when Cuba-Junky is 100% sure they are "gay friendly"

Illegal casa particulares

In many cities in Cuba you also can stay in illegal casas, mostly these casas are much cheaper than the official registered casas. Remember that you can get kicked out in the middle of the night when they get a visit from official people who check the casas from time to time for their casa licensee. Besides this, the owner risks to lose his house, this is one of the fines in Cuba when having an illegal casa particular.








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