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Transportation in Cuba

Traveling around Cuba

Havana Public Bus

When going to Cuba with the intention of traveling the whole or a part of the Island on your own; prepare yourself with a good map and a good guidebook
Remember Cuba is a HUGE island of 1200 km (745 miles) long




Renting a Car in Cuba

Cupet gas station Cuba

You have to overthink a few things before you decide driving in Cuba.
Be in time if you want to make a reservation on forehand. Cuba does not have enough cars during high season (Dec/Jan/Feb and July/August) besides this, most car rental agencies have to ask availability in Cuba by email which takes time, sometimes even weeks.

Renting a car in Cuba is expensive but the other side is you can stop where you wanna stop and have all the time for your own, its well worth the money.

Book your car online



Viazul Bus Cuba

Viazul Bus
Most easy and cheapest to go around Cuba is by the Viazul Bus. A modern airconditioned bus with video and toilet
More info and reviews about the Viazul bus

Astro bus
The regular National public transportation Cubans will pay with CUP, foreigners in CUC
This bus drives all over the island, a bit cheaper than the Viazul Bus but less comfertable and reliable. The Astro bus has a few places for tourists per bus!


The Cuban railways bought French first class airconditioned trains. Train schedules in Cuba are not reliable, you have to have patience and time. I must say it is a real Cuban experience to go through Cuba by train, in specific for train fans, back-packers, and people who love to mingle with locals.

The nr 1 and 2 trains from Havana to Santiago de Cuba v.v is 4 hours faster than the Viazul Bus!
Remember that all other trains besides the number 1 and number 2 are never on time

Domestic Flights

Cubana Air

Taking a domestic flight saves you a lot of time to go p.a. from Havana to Santiago de Cuba. Besides this, if you would like to go to Cayo Largo you have no choice and have to take a domestic flight simply because there is no ferry transfer to this part of Cuba

Book your international or domestic flight and other flight info

Public Transport

Cuban local taxi

As for a foreigner there is alot of local transportation not possible for the simple reason that it is forbidden for Cubans to take you with them in their car without an official piece of paper.
Since February 2011 it has become a bit more flexible as it comes to local taxi's in Havana and around Cuba.
You can hitchike in Cuba but remember you risk being in trouble






Biking around Cuba

Bike rent

Edificio Metropolitano, San Juan de Dios
esq. Aguacate, Habana Vieja
Tel: +53 7 860 8532

I recommend, if you want to bike around Cuba, bring your own bike.


Gran Caribe Marina Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo del Sur, Archipiélago de los Canarreos
Isla Juventud
Tel: (53 45) 24 8213/8133/8214

Marina Gaviota Varadero
Autopista Sur final
Tel: (5345) 996205

Marina Puerto de Vita
Puerto de Vita
Tel: (5324) 430475
Gaviota SA

Marlin Marina Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Guillermo
Tel: (5333) 301737/301323

Marlin Marina Cienfuegos
Calle 35 e/ 6 y 8
Punta Gorda
Tel: (5343) 556120/551275

Marlin Marina Dársena Varadero
Autopista Varadero km 38
Tel: (5345) 668060/667456

Marlin Marina Hemingway
5ta. Ave. y calle 248
Santa Fé
Tel: (537) 2045088

Marlin Marina Santiago de Cuba
calle 1ra. s/n, Rpto. Punta Gorda
Tel: (5322) 691446/686326

Marlin Marina Tarará
calle 7ma. Casa no. 25 e/ 2 y 11
Ciudad Tarará
Habana del Este
Tel: (53 7) 796 0240 / 796 0242

Marlin Marina Trinidad
Península de Ancón
Tel: (5341) 996205



Cruise Terminals

Punta Francés
Isla de la Juventud

Terminal de Cruceros
Avenida Jesús Menéndez
Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 651763

Terminal de Cruceros de Cienfuegos
Calle La Mar
Muelle Olimpia Medina

Terminal de Cruceros de La Habana
Ave. del Puerto
Ciudad de La Habana









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