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Scuba Diving Santiago de Cuba

Scuba diving Santiago de Cuba turtle

Between the lush greenery of the mountains and the intense blue of the sea rise tourist facilities of original architectural design and 4 diving centers Sigua, Daiquiri, Bucanero and Sierra Mar distributed over 100 kilometers of shores for those who love the Caribbean deep.

Besides their own specific attractions, these diving centers have something in common: the formation of large coral crags that communicate through tunnels and narrow channels, the refuge of big fish, crustaceans and mollusks, all covered by majestic gorgonians and sponges. The bottoms hold shipwrecks where you can personally feed enormous groupers. All sites are located on a narrow shelf, close to the diving centers.





Best Diving Sites

Piedra de las Ariguas Depth: 27 meters

Description: The site's main characteristic is a wall with a small cave inhabited by yellowfin groupers (Mycteroperca venenosa) and smaller coral fish.

La Pared Depth: 17 meters

Description: An impressive seascape featuring a wall that drops abruptly from 17 meters down to unknown depths. There is an abundance of black coral and hammerhead sharks (sphyrna sp.) are frequent visitors.

La Cueva Depth: 7 meters

Description: There is a peculiar formation that develops from the base of a high terrace that falls straight into the sea. Diving is therefore practiced in terra firma inside a cave 17 meters long, 3 meters wide and 7 meters deep. It is the dwelling of abundant juvenile coralino fish and lobster.

Conch Reef Depth: 15 meters

Description: The most outstanding characteristic of this area is a coral barrier teeming with fish, plentiful populations of queen conchs (strombus gigas) and excellent visibility.

The Maze Depth: 25 meters

Description: Long passages formed by coral barriers of extraordinary beauty, the thruway of jacks, snappers, black groupers and barracudas.

Mandinga Reef Depth: 35 meters

Description: The bottom emerges from a depth of 35 meters. There is an enormous variety of fish of all sizes.

Open Water Depth: 16 meters

Description: There are coral outcroppings, of attractive shapes and abounding in large gorgonians and fans and populated by a wide variety of coral fish species.

Guarico Depth: 15 meters

Description: A shipwreck lying on a sandy bottom, its hull harboring numerous fish that roam the remains. Specially attractive are the large black groupers (Mycteroperca bonaci) hand-fed by the divers.

La Pared Depth: 35 meters

Description: The site is identified by a wall that drops abruptly into the deep. A privileged spot because of its abundant submarine life.

Spring Carol Depth: 25 meters

Description: Foundered vessel, practically intact, very attractive since it is the home of large black groupers, parrot fish and many other coral fish species.

Ferry Depth: 35 meters

Description: The resting place of a more than 100-foot-long merchant ship. You can swim into the hold and over the bridge and take a close look at the impressive jewfish (Epinepbelus itaiara).

Morrillo Chico Depth: 18 meters

Description: The zone is a veritable underwater paradise, because of its exuberant, varied and colorful submarine life, and the limpid transparency of its waters.


Scuba Diving Centers


Diving Center - Bucanero Cubanacán Náutica
Hotel Club Bucanero Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Phone: +53 22 86363
Diving Center - Sierra Mar Cubanacán Náutica
Hotel Brisas Sierra Mar, Guamá Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Phone: +53 22 26337
Diving Center - Sigua
Cubanacán Náutica
Carretera de Baconao, km. 40 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Phone: +53 22 356165











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