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Even The Baseball Players Turn Out To Be Hustlers/Jiniteros!

Article: Even The Baseball Players Turn Out To Be Hustlers/Jiniteros!

By: Claudia
Country: Canada
July 14 2014

We met on the tiny dance floor of a Varadero hotel. He was tall handsome, a baseball player on tour with the national team. he told me I could dance better than him would I teach him a few steps. He was being eyed up by an aggressive elderly woman from Toronto much to the annoyance of her jealous husband but he only had eyes for me.

It was flattering to have the undivided attention of a Cuban baseball player. He was not allowed to drink none of the players were but he would not mind if I could get him a rum and cola the rum had to be in a separate glass. This was the first sign that Lazaro was a selfish control freak. He was married he told me, and yes she was a good woman. Did did not stop him making a play for me.

I made my apologies and left the dance floor, there was no way I was going to get involved with a married man I did not need the complications, besides if he was prepared to cheat on his Cuban wife he would cheat on any woman he got involved with.

He would depart early each morning for the games and return sweaty and exhausted after each game they would sit at the bar downing huge jugs of cold water. An hour later they would hit the dance floor smelling of aftershave, flashing smiles and hustling rum and cokes.

When they departed for Havana the hotel was so quiet, they had been the life and soul of the hotel for a week, and it was dead without them. The croaky voiced coach came up to me as their busn was about to depart. 'Lazaro wants to see you again' he told me to tell you he will be back in a few days when we are en route to Camaguay for another game.

True to his word he showed up at the hotel a few days later tired and short tempered, he had travelled all night from Havana. He promptly placed the bus ticket on the table a hint do doubt that he expected the fare to be refunded. He joined me for breakfast there seemed to be no problem that a charmer like him should be dining there since he was a hit with all the female staff who were all on first name terms with him. He demanded a rum, with the instructions that it be served in a separate glass from the cola.

At four o'clock he departed for Havana to join his team mates, he assumed I would be joining him, that I would call a taxi to take us to the bus depot. His face fell when I announced I had not intention of joining him in a the tiny 2 star hotel in Havana where they accommodate their baseball players. I informed him I wanted to stay close to the beach I was leaving in a couple of days and wanted to make the most of it. He turned on his heel and stormed off banging the door behind him in a huff offended that I had refused to accompany him back to Havana. this was the second show of his over inflated ego and short fuse.








A few days later back home in Montreal I received an email from him sent from one of his friend's email address. In the second message there was a request for a phone top up. what a cheek I thought and told the friend exactly what I thought of him and Lazaro. 'How do I know who this top up is for and no I refuse to top up a man's phone, besides he is married let him wife provide him with phone credit.

I then received all kinds of requests to join him on Twoo or some such weird dating sites where we 'could chat'. I blocked all of them not knowing who the hell wanted to chat and who was requesting the credit.

Finally he managed to set up his own email address with Nauta.Cu, I did not ask who had purchased the Samsung smart phone or who had set him up with the Nauta account

He missed me, and wanted to see me, his wife had passed away breast cancer. How convenient I thought, cynically. Was this a lie? a scam? there seemed to be no hint or remorse, if he missed her nothing. Just wanted to know when I would be returning to Cuba.

We communicated for the best part of a year, he seemed to on good behavior no requests for anything. The messages were always the same very formulaic, like he was reading it from a script he missed me besos never newsy. He suggested places we could stay he suggested quieter off the beaten track places. Now he was a single man I thought eventually why not.

I booked a flight back to Havana and a small hotel where he could visit.

When I emailed him to let him know I expected him to be delighted express his joy at seeing me again. the tone of his email surprised me. He suddenly seemed different. No mention at all of how happy he was at my return. It was all about his hone credit, how the pics I had sent him had eaten up his credit how he had sold the Samsung, yet his email had clearly been sent from the Samsung. How he wanted me to bring his two pairs of stretch shorts one knee length one in red one in blue.








I was stunned by his arrogance and self centerdness. I could not believe what I was reading. I asked a friend of mine who teaches Spanish to do a proper interpretation for me since google translate is not always accurate. Drop this man asap she said. He talks about phone credit how he wants you to bring him shorts, how he sold his smart phone. No mention of how are you, how pleased he that you are returning. Nothing His grammar is bad, his manners are even worse this guy is a user.

I wrote to him to express my anger at the tone of his email, now he realized I had paid for the air fare and hotel his true selfish side had emerged. I told him not to change his holiday plans, I had cancelled the flight and hotel. I knew he had not sold the phone that his message had been sent from the Samsung. I told him he was an arrogant self centered man whom I never wanted to hear from again.

His next email was quite abusive, I was stupid, I had misinterpreted, how he had only 'suggested' the shorts, if I could. How he had plans to sell the Samsung.

I could not be bothered to reply and simply blocked him from my email account.

It seem that ever the Baseball players are not above hustling and being Jiniteros.

I consider myself lucky, I had not been lured into by his charm that I was blinded by his b.s. I had read between the lines seen him for the selfish egoist that he is and saved myself from a possible sham marriage and miserable future.








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