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Hustler in Baracoa

By Simone
Country: Canada

A word of warning for female travelers visiting Baracoa a sleepy little town at the farthest end of Cuba so quiet you would never expect to meet a con man but believe me they do exist.

This charmer - Dionel makes a living from conning women tourists. He is polite well dressed, (a bit too well dressed in expensive stylish western clothes), a good dancer. His stomping found is the Casa de la Trova Dionel sits there, cola in hand awaiting his prey making gooey eyes at any woman dumb enough to believe he is not a con man jinitero believe me he is.

Dioniel Amaro Jaffita is not single as he claims to be he lives with an older single parent a Cuban woman who has a son by a previous marriage. Dionel will recommend her casa which is not a legal casa but also stinks of cigarette smoke and is so tiny you could not swing a cat in the cramped dark bedroom.








If Dionel does not earn commission from conning you into booking the casa of his g/friend he will have his eye on your clothing. You will be complimented on how good you look where did you buy your clothes. He will sponge of you for the duration of your stay in Baracoa like a dead weight leech of excess baggage he will sit there like a lump of wood draining your energy, offering nothing but knocking back any drinks you will buy him, it will always be on your tab.

You might be lucky enough to run into Dionel's father breath smelling of alcohol like father like son the father runs a small bar and will willingly dish the dirt on his playboy son. 'Have you met his little one she is so cute' he will share he will also tell you that Dionel's eldest is 13 and lives far away with her mother in another town. When confronted the playboy will deny any knowledge of his three offspring.








When pressed he will admit they were just 'Aventuras' nothing more.

Ladies be warned Dionel will con you out of leaving the contents of your suitcase including your stylish sneakers on your last day. His excuse? so he can buy a cellphone to have great communication with him.

Of course if your are dumb enough to do so leave him your clothing you will never hear from this charmer again.

He ia a Jinitero a leech not just on Cuban society but on the gullible tourist.

You have been warned.








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