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Centro Havana

Centro Havana Cuba 

The Capitolio marks the beginning of central Havana, a working class neighborhood, where alot of buildings are almost in a total state of collapse.
On the other side of the street you will find Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas, one Cuba's oldest cigar factories, and Centro Havana ends at Havana's University.
Centro Havana is the place to capture the real life in Cuba's capital.
Don't miss it and bring your camera, but don't get robbed ;)



Centro Havana Tour

The Centro Habana Tour is tailormade by
It shows you the real part of La Habana.
No official tour will show you this part of Cuba's capital city Havana, and for Cuba-Junky its THE best part to wander around besides Habana Vieja of course.

Print out the tour map and do this tour by yourself by uploading the video on your Apple iPod
Tour map

El Malecon

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Even though it begins in Old Havana, the Malecón (the pier) is an area that was the face of Havana in the 50s. Havana was then trying to emulate the great American capitals. The pier wall is the ideal place to enjoy the salty sea air, sit down and admire the sunset. Some of its best spots are the view of El Morro, the dock where you can go by boat to Casablanca and the area adjacent to El Vedado.

More about El Malecon

Callejon de Hamel

Callejon de Hamel, Havana, Cuba 

This project, dating back to 1990, highlights the prevalence of African influences on Cuban culture. It was initiated by the sculptor and painter Salvador Gonzáles who, together with a group of friends, decided to paint a mural celebrating Afro-Cuban culture, reclaiming a public space as a forum for what they see as both a cultural example of community-based art. A rumba group gathers at the spot at noon every Sunday at 12:00, and musicians as important as Clave y Guaguancó and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas have been known to attend.

Callejon the Hamel

Visit a market

Market in Havana


Hided in the streets of Centro Havana you will find many little vegetable markets. A nice place to experience the life of real Cuba, seeing the Habaneros doing their daily groceries.
At these markets you can buy with Cuban pesos instead of the convertible pesos.

A absolute must do when your interested in the culture of the local life in Cuba.

Hector's Pizza

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Downtown Centro Havana you will find the ultimate Cuban Pizza. Made on a rooftop by Hector.

This is how you will get your pizza:
When nobody is at the street just shout HECTOR! and he will show up, tell him what you want, a large or small pizza, wait a few minutes and your pizza will come down in a basket. 
You will pay about 7 CUP Cuban pesos (about 30 euro cents) for a small pizza about 30 cm.
Put the money in the basket and off you go!
Bon apetito :)

Hector's "Pizzaria" is located at Calzada Infanta / San Rafael.
Just around the corner of El Rapido

China Town - Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino Centro Havaa Cuba


In the area bordered by Calles Dragones
Zanja, Rayo, and San Nicolás
Centro Habana
La Habana

Havana has an active Chinese community and a number of Chinese restaurants. A lot of Chinese restaurants can be found in Centro Havana at 10 Cuchillo Street. The strip contains 10 restaurants that serve a full spectrum of Chinese dishes.

The food in the restaurants in Chinatown is excellent in both quality and price.These restaurants are private family owned businesses, unlike most restaurants in Cuba that are government controlled. This results in a much greater concern to serve the customer. Meals are served within minutes of ordering and great attention is given to the preparation of the food.
You can enjoy an entire meal (with the exception of the more exotic dishes), including soup, fried rice, a main dish and a drink for no more than 4 cuc.

Average cost per person: 5.00 cuc 10
Address: Calle Cuchillo, Centro Habana, La Habana.




Reviews and tips by travelers about Centro Havana

February 15 2010
Name: Andrea Heinimann
Country: Switzerland

Academia de baile “San Miguel”

Address: San Miguel # 569,
e/ Belascoain y Gervasio
Centro Habana
Phone +53(0)7 2615572 or +53(0)7 8684377


I called this dance school when I got to Havanna and organized classes directly on spot. Very nice dance room! My teacher was Lachy (mobile +5352646321), a young enthusiastic salsa dancer who seemingly has a lot of experience teaching Europeans (speaks also a few words of German besides good Engish). He explains well and knows perfectly how to teach people who haven't grown up in a culture where people dance naturally from young age. So thanks to his teaching skills I advanced quite well in a week's private classes, plus it was fun, too!
Can only recommend this salsa-school!!











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