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Holguin City

Capital of Holguin Province

Holguin Cuba

The city of Mayabe Beer, not a colonial city like Camaguey or Trinidad, but worth visiting.
For the best view on the city... Loma de la Cruz, almost 300m high hill, put on your best walking shoes for walking 460 steps up this hill.


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The North-South Cuban Axis

The prevailing plain in the city of Holguin resembles an irregular shaped attar with the roads that lead to the four cardinal points. The urban area, though, has a well defined north-south axis. Its main streets today called Libertad and Maceo, two parallel streets where the burg sprouted out in the mid 18th century lies in the heart of the city whose population of 262.100 inhabitants ranks it fourth in Cuba.

Its Northern edge matches a considerable chunk of the hills that slope down into the plains of and the funnel rainfall into the Cauto River, Cuba's longest watercourse, some 50 km down to the south. At the base of these hills today called the Hill of the cross and formerly known as Bayado Park Libertad and Maceo streets start off and weave up to six different parks along the way.

Regardless of the fact that urban development plans for these first outdoors spaces harks back to colonial times, further housing and landscaping works in the burg gave Holguin the name of the City of Parks, a moniker it's widely known for today.

Its accessible proximity for the neighbors derived in the Cuba tradition of usually dropping in on these parks. Thus, the funny chat gatherings were born, get togethers that under the pretension of warding off the sweltering summertime heat turned these squared blocks into true means of communication and even makeshifts grounds for conspiracy buffs for the independence of Cuba and against the neocolonial dictatorships that took turns on the saddle later on.

No wonder these chat gatherings during the Spanish colonial rule, brimming with Cuban rebels and criticizers, were nicknamed gossiping grounds by the hispanic authorities.

A Giant Gathering

Just a few door stands between the fine arts and handicraft galleries attached to the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets (FCBC is the acronym in Spanish) and the jaw dropping museum and building of the La Periquera on the north side of the Calixto Garcia Park.

On the west side, the Cultural House and the gathering grounds of both professional and amateur artists are located, the place where old timed troubadours and pop singers, theater performers, dancers, the fanfare of literary workshops and attendees of other cultural events develop in their respetive fields.

Right in the same shadowy porches on this side, passerby's can hear Cuban melodies and tunes blaring out of the house of the Troubadours. Not far from there, the Alex Urquiola Provincial Library can be found, plus another art Gallery a few blocks down the street. Sidelong and across from the Calixto Garcia Park, visitors will happen on the Eddy Sunol Theater, the largest one in the province and host all major dance, musical and theatrical companies. Holguin's Puppet Theater is also nearby, as well as the amazing Plaza de la Marqueta.

A Monument to a Hero

Flanked by Libertad and Maceo, two parallel streets and across from the San Isidoro Cathedral in the historic center, visitors will find a park where a monument to Brigadier General Julio Grave de Peralta y Zanas Bazan stands tall since 1916

Julio Grave de Peralta y Zanas Bazan soon became a hero of Cuba's first independence war, the man who conducted to siege of the makeshift barracks at La Periquera and a brave warrior. This always crowded public plaza, usually turned into a auditorium for the coveted perfotmances of the Municipal Concert Band, was built over the outer boundaries of the city's first ever cemetery once burials were no longer made inside the San Isidoro Cathedral. Nor far from here, the first houses in Holguin were built back in the 18th century. Today, some of those Neoclassical style house still prevail. The studios of Tele Cristal, the local TV station, are located near the beautiful Grave de Peralta Park.

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