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Bahia Naranjo Park

4 km from Playa Esmeralda 8 km outside Guardalavaca
Open: 9am - 9pm

Nature | Swimming with Dolphins
Touristic aquarium located in an open semi-island offering boat tours, dolphin shows, seafaris, and swimming with dolphins

Bio Parque Rocazul

Playa Yuraguanal, Holguin, Cuba

Calixto Garcia Iniguez Parque

Around this monument lies the bustling section of Holguin's urban layout. In ratio of several hundred meters , visitors will find most of the town's retailers, its cultural life and part of the economic and administrative leadership of both the burg and province.

The Calixto Garcia Park stood for public tributes paid to Holguin's most celebrated hero of the three wars for the independence of Cuba. The monument was build in 1912 in the Hispanic Arms Square, right on the same spot where Queen Elizabeth II used to be venerated and the site of military drills during the colonial rule and since the foundation of the city. The block also served as meeting ground for Cuban separates and for revolutionary youngsters committed to the social and anti dictatorial struggle in the mid 20th century.

There's one bench with a history of its own. In this bench and its surrounding areas, right in the angle formed by Marti and Maceo streets, followers of Fidel Castro's insurgency trend, the defying and undefeated guerrilla warfare leader who climbed the Sierra Maestra mountain range (south of Holguin) in 1956, used to gather there. Quite a number of those bold revolutionaries from Holguin became brave combatants of the victorious Rebel Army; others were slain by agents of the Batista dictatorship, the last tyranny of the neocolonial era.

Campina Taina

Holguin, Cuba

Open air museum about the lives of Arawak - Taino indians in the past

Carnaval Holguin

Third week of August, yearly

Casa Natal de Calixto Garcia

Miro #147 esq. Frexes, Holguín, Cuba
Tel: +53 425610
Mon till Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm, Sat 9:00am - 1:00 pm

Calixto Garcia's birthplace. In the historic center of town. In this house, the illustrious patriot was born on August 4, 1839. The house was declared a national monument and currently host the Memorial Museum featuring documents, pictures, arms and other relics, plus an information center entirely devoted to Cuba's 19th century independence wars.

Catedral de San Isidoro

Maceo #122, Holguin, Cuba

Built in 1720 however the towers are from the 20th century. Catedral de San Isodoro became a church in 1979. At the right side of the catedral there is a statue of pope John Paul II.

Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas Moncada

Maceo #180, Holguin, Cuba
Open: 9am - 4pm Mon - Sat

Cueva de Sao Corona

Cueto, Holguin, Cuba


Fabrica de Organos

Carretera de Gibara #301, Holguin, Cuba
Open: 8am - 4 pm Mon - Fri

Farallón de Seboruco

Mayarí, Holguin, Cuba


Galleria Holguin

Manduley #137, Holguin, Cuba
Open: 8am - 6pm Tue - Wed at Thu - Sun open till 10pm

Local art

Iglesia de San Jose

Manduley #106, Holguin, Cuba

Ones used as an outlook tower by the Independitas. Built in 1842

Loma de la Cruz

At the northern end of Maceo climb the 465 counting steps of a stairway built in 1950, up on the 275 meters high hill and see the fantastic view of Holguin city

Loma Hierro

Gibara, Holguin, Cuba



Plaza de la Revolución
Ave. XX Aniversario de la Victoria, Holguín, Cuba

Museo Ambiente Cubano

Independencia #19, Gibara, Holguin, Cuba

Museo de Artes Decorativas

Independencia #19, e/ Luz Caballero y J. Peralta, Gibara, Holguin, Cuba

Museo del Deporte

Ave. Libertadores, Estadio Calixto García, Holguín, Cuba

Museo Indocubano Bani

General Marrero #305, Banes, Holguin, Cuba
Open: 9am - 5pm Tue - Sat on Sun from 8am - 5pm

Renovated in 2011. This museum contains indigenious artifacts. A small but rich collection.

Museo de Historia Provincial La Periquera

Frexes #190, e/ Libertad y Maceo, Holguín, Cuba
Open: 8am - 5pm

The building itself has been declared a national monument for it hosted historical events related to the independent struggle. The funny nickname (La Periquera) has been making the rounds locally since 1868 and brings back memories of the bold sieges undergone here by Spanish colonial troops stationed on the premises when freedom fighters led by Brigadier General Grave de Peralta launched a thrust on the eve of the beginning of Cuba's first independence war.

The solid building, by the time recently finished a well to do businessman from Andalusia, had been seized by the Spanish military and turned into a fortress capable of putting up to Cuban assailments.But these actions soon showed up and led to a mocking spree on the part of the Cuban fighters who called Spaniards pericos (parrots) and egged them on to walk out of the building and engage in a face to face battle. The mockery used to by the Cubans was a way to scoff at the motley uniform the Spanish troops wore at the time, green with golden epaulets and red cuffs sporting yellow stripes, that pretty much reminded them of parrots, Cuban birds with feathers of similar colors.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales Carlos de la Torre 

Maceo #129, e/ Martí y Luz Caballero, Holguín, Cuba
Open: 9am - 10pm Tue - Sat

Stuffed animals

Museo del Sitio Chorro de Maíta

Cerro de Yaguajay, Banes, Holguin, Cuba
Open: 9am - 5pm Tue - Sat at Sun till 1pm

Open air museum about the lives of Arawak - Taino indians in the past

One original feature: The book art

Its creation includes a primitive paper making process out of recycled dregs and dry leaves, plus the addition of images, design and printout using printing presses from the 18th and 19th centuries. The edition never exceeds the 200 copies. This publishing house in Holguin, churning out these small works of art on literary topics, is one of its kind in Cuba.

Shadowy Porches

The four streets that flow into Calixto Park stand for the most bustling and crowded part of the city's commercial hub. Stores and all kind of throb along the non stop rows of roofed porches that provide good shadowy walkways for those eager to snoop and shop around.

These roofed commercial galleries that shelter passers by from the sweltering midday sun, also stand for excellent swatches of the local colonial architecture, commonplace in other cities across Cuba. The east side of town is enhanced by the streets that melt into the coveted park and make long pathways of shadowy porches and tree groves where flows of people traipse up and down.

The Suñol Scene

Maceo, esq. a Libertad, Holguin, Cuba

Widely known and recognized in Cuba and overseas, the Rodrigo Prats Lyrical Theatre of Holguin has made a name of itself with a magnificent cast, techniques and a repertoire of operas, operettas and Spanish musicals among other productions on different stages. Suñol has also hosted the Condanza dance company, one of Cuba's finest of its kind, dealing with classical, folkloric and modern ballet.

Likewise, Alas Buenas Children's Theatrical Group has stood out with the presentation of literary works, while la Campana Folkloric Company stands for African-Cuban, countryside and popular roots of Holguin's culture. Holguin's Chamber Dance Company also shines in the limelight. This is recently created group that was put together on the basis of Cuba's celebrated ballet dancer Alicia Alonso



Tours and Excursions in Holguin









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