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Matanzas To Do

Matanzas is an interesting city and the surroundings in Matanzas even more. Below a list of things to do when you are staying in Matanzas. Many of the nature activities are also possible to book at your tour agent in Varadero.




Cuevas de Bellamar

Cuevas Bellamar Matanzas Cuba

You can make a reservation for this excursion at the touristdesk of your hotel in Varadero. Costs are about 30 CUC
A visit to one of the largest caves of Cuba, with a very interesting history and beauty. After the caves you will visit Matanzas city, the city of bridges, with its main squares, the pharmaceutical museum, the agricultural market.

Reviews Cuevas Bellamar

Name: Rafael
Country: Spain

Bellamar is one of the main tourist attractions. It’s a cave 40 meters deep and 750 meters long. It’s quite humid and hot… but it’s great! There are tons of light, so you can actually see around… it’s beautiful.
The bad thing is that they charge you 5 CUC to get in… and another 5 CUC to take your camera with you. If you have a small camera, just hide it in your pocket… once you’re in, there’s no control.


Museo Farmacéutico

Museo Farmaceutico, Matanzas, Cuba

Milanés #4951Its founders, doctors Ernest Triolet y Juan Fermin de Figueroa, opened a French pharmacy at January 1th 1982, and started after what has now become a valuable collection of the original porcelain bottles and containers, kept on hard wood shelves, together with a large set of mid 19th century laboratory objects and tools. It includes more than one million prescriptions with original formulas for the preperations of natural medications. The collection is said to be the most important exhibit of its kind outside od France.

Museo Memorial El Morrillo

Museo Memorial El Morrillo Matanzas Cuba

Address: Km. 1,5
CanimarBuilt upon request by prominent local landowners, it was completed in the second decade of the 18th century. In 1975 it was fully renovated, then in 1991 it was proclaimed a National monument.

Museo de Arte de Matanzas

Address: Contreras #36, Matanzas, Cuba

Plaza de la Libertad

Plaza de la Libertad Matanzas Cuba

Matanzas' second most important colonial plaza, it dates back from 1800. Overlooking are the Sala White, a theater constructed in 1863 in tribute to famous violinist Jose White; the Triolet Pharmaceutical Museum; and the Government House, built in 1853.

Plaza de La Vigía

Plaza de La Vigía Matanzas Cuba

Address: Centro Histórico Urbano, Magdalena, e/ Milanés y Río, Matanzas, Cuba

Original Urban core, around which the city was later expanded. In its surroundings are important buildings like Teatro Sauto, Museo Palacio de Junco, and the firefighter station, among others.

Teatro Sauto

Address: Magdalena, e/Milanés y Medio, Matanzas, Cuba

A neo-classical architectural jewel, of outstanding acoustic characteritics, founded on April 6th, 1863. It was proclaimed a national Monument in 1978, and has served as seasonal venue for ballet, opera, zarzuela, concert, music, variety shows, and drama. It is considered one of the most important cultural institutions in Latin America.

Casa de José Jacinto Milanés

 José Jacinto Milanés

Address: Milanés, e/ Jovellanos y Matanzas, Matanzas, Cuba

Cueva Grande

De Santa Catalina, Matanzas


Cayo Jorajuría

Address: Martí, Matanzas, Cuba

Casa de Miguel Failde Pérez

Velarde #95, Matanzas, Cuba

The first person to play a Danzon at the Matanzas Lyceum was young clarinet player Miguel Failde Perez, who on the 1st of January, 1879, directed his typical band of wind instruments, playing his composition called Las alturas de Simpson (Simpson Heights), which is a very popular neighborhood in that city founded in 1693. He thus opened a new chapter in Cuban music. The band was integrated by a trumpet, a trombone, an ophicleide (figle), two clarinets, two violins, a bass, kettledrums and guiro.

Cueva de Simpson

Address: Matanzas, Cuba

Cueva de la Melodía

Sistema Cavernario Bellamar Monumento
Address: Matanzas, Cuba

Museo de los Bomberos

Museo de los Bomberos Matanzas Cuba

Address: Plaza de la Vigía, Matanzas, Cuba

Castillo de San Severino

Castillo de San Severino Matanzas Cuba

Address: Carretera del Puerto, Zona Franca, Matanzas, Cuba

Its dimension place it among the largest Spanish fortresses in the Americas. Perched on the western side of the Matanzas bay, it was acompleted in 1734 with the aim of protecting trade in the area, while also guarding the eastern flank of Havana against pirate attacks. It is a National Monument.



Museo Provincial

(Palacio de Junco)
Address: Milanés, e/Magdalena y Ayllón, Matanzas , Cuba

Santa Iglesia Catedral

Address: San Carlos Borromeo, 286 #8304, e/ 83 y 85, Matanzas , Cuba

Segunda Plaza de Armas

Address: Ayuntamiento, e/ Milanés y Contreras, Matanzas, Cuba

Montserrat Hermitage

Monserrat Hermitage Matanzas Cuba

In spired on a temple of similar name in Catalonia, Spain, it was completed in 1872. It has four statues, representing the four Catalonian regions; Lerida, Gerona, Tarragona, and Barcelona, and commands a complete view of Matanzas city and the Yumuri valley.

Valle del Yumurí

Valle del Yumurí Matanzas Cuba

Address: Valle del Yumurí, Matanzas , Cuba















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