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To Do in Vinales

What to do in and around Vinales village?

Cueva del Indio Vinales In and around Vinales there are many fun and interesting things to do. Visit a farm, roast a pig, hike through nature or just sit on a porch watching the local life. Vinales is beautiful.


Casa de Caridad Botanical Gardens

Botanical Garden Vinales Cuba

One of the most cute attractions in Viñales is the little Casa de Caridad Botanical Gardens located at the northeastern end of town, runned by a mother and daughter. The lush gardens feature a mix of ornamental and medicinal plants and flowers, as well as orchids, bromeliads, palms, and fruit trees. If you're really lucky, you'll be able to munch on some freshly harvested fruit. No admission is charged, but donations are warmly accepted

Located on the opposite side of the Cupet gas station just around the corner towards Hotel Rancho San Vicente

Open: 8am - 5pm



Casa de la Cultura

A small art gallery and organise cultural activities.
It also sells some souvenirs.

A nice old mainson next to the church on the main square in Vinales center

Casa del Veguero

Carretera a Pinar del Rio km 24
Just outside Vinales village on the road to Hotel Los Jazmines

Tabacco plantation a government owned tabaco farm where you can get an explanaition about the cultivation of Tabacco plants and cigars. The drying season of tabacco leaves is from February till May

Open: 10am - 5pm

Valle San Vicente

Valle San Vicente Vinales CubaIn the province of Pinar del Río is located the Valley, San Vicente. Located in the vicinity of the banks of the river of the San Vicente river, mineral-rich waters, nearby you can visit Cave of the Indian and the Abra de Ancon. The hotel nearby is Hotel Rancho San Vicente

Photos Valle San Vicente

Cueva del Indio

The Cueva the Indio is a cave in which you can sail of over a small underground river for about 400 meters. Nice artificial lamps and souvenir salesmen.

Exploring caves to the tune of haunting tales
It was here that the Guanajatabey Indians built their primitive homes in caves hollowed out of the limestone mogotes, where relics of this nomadic people have been found along with fossils of Pleistocene mammals embedded in the rock. Deep inside the caves, albino fish swim and butterfly bats flit.

Cueva del Indio VinalesSome caverns, such as the Cueva del Indio, rediscovered in 1920, have close to four kilometres of underground streams which can be explored in a small dinghy so long as you don't mind listening to all the scary tales the peasant guides love to recount.
As the streams slowly work through the limestone and mix with the mojote clay falling from above, they become solutions of minerals and coppery earth, both of which are then deposited on the roofs and walls of the caves, turning the surfaces ochre milky green, rendering the scenery all the more mysterious.

Photos Cueva del Indio

Reviews Cueva del Indio

Name: Juan
Country: Spain

Cueva San Tomas
This cave is 10 times better than La Cueva del Indio, a tourist trap. Cueva San Tomas, a nice 15km drive West of Vinales, is the longest in Latin America. They give you the proper gear (helmet with lamp) and guide you through an easy 2 hours tour (some people come here from all around the world and actually spend weeks in the caves (they are 47 kms long!).

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Hiking in Vinales Valley

Check out our Viñales tours and excursion page.
On the tours and excursion page you will find all information for your guided day trips in and around Vinales. We even made some Mini Packages to book on forehand including hotel and excursion for a good price

Vinales tours & excursions

Nightlife Vinales

Vinales does not have many restaurants except Don Tomas, most people eat in their casas or at the hotel.
As for the dancing and live music Vinales is great but simple. The main place to go out at night is Centro Culturo Polo Montañez where you can listed to live bands like Valle Son untill the wee-hours

Mural de la Prehistoria

It's big, but this attraction can't quite cut it as kitsch, is decidedly uninteresting as art, woefully inadequate as narrative, and just not impressive enough in execution to merit all the attention. Despite some fresh paint, which restored, and even improved on, the vibrant colors of artist Leovigildo González Morillo's original work, this massive mural lacks the style and weight of the works of his mentor, Diego Rivera.

The mural is located 4km (2 1/2 miles) west of Viñales and is open daily from 11am to 5pm. The $1 admission is waived if you eat at the Rumbos-run restaurant on-site.

Museo Municipal

Salvador Cisneros #115, Vinales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Local artists exhibitions.
It also offers hiking and tours information.
It is possible to make arrangements for guided tours at this place located in the main street of Vinales. But you can also ask for this to your Casa owner or the hotel reception

Open: Mon - Sat 8am - 10 pm Sun to 4pm











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