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Remedios Las Parrandas

Fireworks Dec 24, yearly event

Remedios Las Parandas

Las Parrandas de Remedios
In the early nineteenth century Remedios was divided into eight neighborhoods: Buen Viaje, Camaco, La Laguna, San Salvador, LA Bermeja, La Parroquia, El Cristo y El Carmen. There were, besides the main church and Buen Viaje, two shrines: San Salvador and El Cristo. In those years it took place during Christmas on the cold mornings from 16 to 24 December a mass call "Aguinaldo," culminating with "Del Gallo" at 12 pm on 24. Of course, lots of people had difficulties to sleep in this noise, It was then that Francisquito, a young priest who officiated at the villa, got the idea of producing in the morning all the noise possible.

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With that goal he met a group of boys from ten to fifteen years, and armed them with the most varied instruments and began the uproar noisy night. We do not know for sure if it had a religious purpose, but we can say that it stimulated the existing neighborhoods, since then, year after year, armed with noisemakers, jaws, whistles, guiras, fotutos, and other instruments they go through the village to wake up the neighborhood in the winter nights at December 24. It began one of Remedios' most beautiful traditions: La Parrandas Remedios. This "infernal orchestra," as scheduled at that time, became a tradition, and during the big boys of the neighborhood came out to waking up to the people. The practice continued well until 1850, when it happens the first division to the districts of La Laguna, Buen Viaje, Camac and San Salvador, are called generically under the name of the last (San Salvador), and just happened to El Carmen, La Parroquia , El Christo and La Bermeja, who gave them the name of Carmen though each, in spite of the division, retained its name of El Carmen, these two groups were led by Mrs. Rita Rueda (San Salvador) and Mrs. Chana Peña (El Carmen), and each had a chorus of singers and players of guitar, mandolin, harp, drum, jawbone of a horse, and drum key. There was even competition between them, then went out with the sole purpose of encouraging the people.

It was in 1871 when two Spanish, one Asturian and other Mayorquín, binge gave the character who currently own: Christopher Matthew Gili (The Mayorquin) led the hosts Carmelites and Jose Ramon Celorio Weight commanded to San Salvador.
They began to walk with curious paper lanterns made with China in various colors and competed in steepening Colonels (species of moths) in the sunny days of partying. And the music polkas composed beautiful hymns like each neighborhood and the Remedios streets could hear the rattle of drums and cowbells, spokesmen for the holidays.
Years later in 1875, it turned into the parade Isabella II, towers, mills miniature triumphal arches and other works made by craftsmen who took advantage of the binge popular as a framework to showcase their creations. Also appear triumphal chariots, which were the embryo of the floats revelers. The dark, cold nights are lit Remedios not only by the chinoiserie lamps, but flares and huge fireworks. A very popular Cuban tradition

Remind, if you are intended to see this event, the whole toen is filled with thousands of people and it is hard to reserve an accommodation that night. But do not worry, the whole village is one big casa particular and lots of Cubans will be please to host your stay.

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City Tour Remedios

Visit the eighth village founded by the Spaniards, in 1513
There is a preserved Historical Center declared National Monument. Churches to visit Nuestra Señora del Buen Viaje (The Good Trip Notre Dame) and Santa Bautista. The Cafetaria Louvre, where you can taste the local cocktail Ponche de la Parroquia (Parish Ponch); The Museum of Music Alejandro Garcia Caturla, the history and the Paranda's. It is the unique in the country to safeguard the memories of this authentic fest celebrated from the 19th century.

Tours and excursions can be arranged on location at the Artex store in the city center of Remedios. They have several professional guides and excursions available.
We did the personal guided tour around Remedios explaning of the city, its history and legends












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