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Rent an independent apartment at 475, 20 de Mayo Street, Apartment 1, first floor, between Amenidad St. and Patria St. Havana, Cuba. There are a living room - dining room, a bedroom (2 beds, bathroom), a kitchen and a big balcony with an excellent view. The apartment has a lot of windows an there is also plenty sunshine. There is parking available. Included towels and sheets
There are Air conditioning, water cold and heat 24 hours,
refrigerator, TV, and more.

Modalities: Independent apartment. You do nor have to share the floor the owners will give you the keys, Children in the house, Cozy, Urban

Amenities: Air conditioning, Balcony, Bathroom with shower, Private bathroom, Private entrance, Terrace

Casa Suarez is near to Latinoamericano Stadium, Revolution Square José Martí,
National Bus Station (Viazul), the Library José Martí and Havana Bus Tour Station.

Address: 20 de Mayo Street #475, Apartment 1, first floor, between Amenidad St. and Patria St. Havana, Cuba.

GPS 23.120735, -82.378528

Casa Suarez is near to Latinoamericano Stadium, Revolution Square José Martí, National Bus Station (Viazul), the Library José Martí and Havana Bus Tour Station.

Tel: +53 53496914





Casa Suarez Reviews

Feb 20 2016
Name: Dubravko Bautovic
Country: Sweden
I stayed here at: 01/16/2016
I made a reservation through Only-Apartments
I paid 20 CUC per night

Casa Suarez

My review: The whole Cuba, including capital Havana is heading to a state of complete falling apart.The whole city is about to collapse,it is in ruins,everything stinks of urine, sewage, burned cheap petrol and car oil.Restaurants are expensive, and the food is disastrous.Local town-transport either does not sxist,either works only for Cubans, because only they know where the stations for local buses are (buses are also decompose and smelly) and you never can know when they come or leave.Turists and foreigners must rent either “black”,either regular taxi,which is far too expensive for the state standards in Cuba in general.Per example, women in bank is working for 15 euros a month and taxi costs 10 euros for 5 or 10 km drive,no diference???
The whole condition in Cuba is terrible, people are apathetic,no one has anything, people steal from strangers (my cell phone was stolen at my apartment of Cuban girl from the village of Bauta), and they steal from each other as well.Even when they sing and dance it is possible to feel that they do it `couse they have to survive,not really `couse they love to play and sing..No feelings at all(not like it use to be advertised).
Everything is expensive, but nothing is worth that price,everything is doble much expensive then it should be for Cuban standards..There is NO beach in Havana,the nearest is 25 km away,(no busses,so again expensive taxi of course), so the whole days use to be terribly boring, because there are no contents at all.In Havana is NOT possible to buy fish at all(exept in bad restaurants).The fish market is not existing and the fishing around the town is forbiden????
Wi-Fi is expensive and there is a connection only at 3 points in the city and in the “better” hotels,where conections are more,let`s say dirty expensive.
Otherwise,Cuban 4 stars hotels,would not get even 2 stars in Europe.
The same state is with a apartment Casa Suarez.The hosts are let`s say ok.,but very greedy,like the most of Cubans in particular.
It is very hard to find persons who speaks english in Cuba,so be aware that cubans are not very educated nation and if you do not speak spanish,comunication is going to be very big problem in the place with allready much of problems.
By all the time,where ever you go,you can hear only and only boring salsa and that is one more thing which makes you desperate.Miserable people make you feel even more sad,disoriented and disapointed.
On the markets and the stores the choice of goods is horrible,very little choice of any goods at all and it reminds me on movies from the World War II,when it was poverty everywhere.Hygiene on open markets is unknown word.
I was 22 days in Havana and for the first time in my life,I was sorry of every moment and every penny that I spent.Very controled sistem from politicly and economicly incompetent,komunistic psychopaths,brought this poor land to the terrible poverty and distress.
Cuba is(together with its poor and completely indoctrinated people),is the last place on the earth I recommend for any kind of holiday.

How was your room?: O.K.The weather in january and part of february was not good.`Couse there is no glas on the terace and the kitchen windows,it was very cold during the evenings.But this is Cuban standard..Katastrofy!!!
To get that kind weather it is much more clever to fly to Dubrovnik,Gran Canaria,Portugal,Morocco or similar in Europa.

How was the food they offer?: They never offered any food.In Havana everywhere you go the food is not much to enjoy.

Other services they offer: Cleaning and washing of the clothes was very proper.

Reaction Casa Suarez

It is really a shame the client experiences in Cuba. I think that if
you do not want to try something new, if you do not want to meet other
cultures you should stay in your country. It is impossible to compare
Cuba with any European country. It is difficult to find a high life
standard in a third world country.
I am sad and I am very sorry for not having better conditions to offer
and for not speaking perfect English. But I love my country, I love
salsa music and I also recommend to any person, risky enough, to
travel to Cuba and try a new and completely amazing country.





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