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My Favorite Street Character in Havana

By: Rainbow



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My Favorite Street Character in Havana

Diana and I went out shopping for food for the big meal I had planed for everyone. We had already picked up the meat and veggies at the Agricultural Market but now we need rum and beer ... lots of rum and beer. We went into the local dollar supermarket and started to go down the shelves picking up what we needed.

I noticed a young black man walking throught the store with a hand full of wilted flowers and he was giving all the clerks and checkout girls, one each. It was obvious that he was a favorite in here because all of the girls stopped what they were doing and made a big fuss about receiving a flower. We picked up what we needed and were at the checkout when I spotted this guy, helping pack some of the bags for an older lady. It was obvious that she knew him as well and made a big deal out of thanking him. He grinned like a cat, obviously delighted with the attention and I swear, I saw the security guy smile too. I figured that I probably would not see him again but I sure was wrong.

The next day, Diana and I went walking toward the harbour area and sure enought, there was the kid again, but this time, instead of handing out flowers, he was guiding a blind man down the road, while carrying the old man's groceries. I saw him 2 more times during the week, always smiling and helping someone, or just saying "Buenos Dias". When he would spot my snow white ass, he would always wave. I got a real kick out of watching this guy figure out what else he could do to make someone elses life a little easier. You can find him always in the same area, near Arroyo and Ave de Mexico (Cristina). He is not hard to spot. He is about mid twenties, black, kinda short and has Downs Syndrome. If you spot him, buy him a Coke or give him a peso or two. You will make his day.



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